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Property Search

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**Please fill in ONLY one of the options below**
If searching by parcel number, "51" is not needed

Enter all or part of a parcel number, in the form of XX-XXX-XXX-XX.
Enter all or part of a name to search for. Enter the owner's last name first.
Enter the address number of the physical address located on the property you are searching for (example: 5480). To enter a list of Address numbers separate them by commas (example: 201,205,350). To enter a range of addresses separate them by the word 'to' (example: 201 to 301)
**Current Homestead %, Assessment, SEV, & Taxable Values are as of March of the current year.

Note: Address number and Street name are separate fields and must be entered separately

Or view one of the following maps below-

Map Disclaimer: All provided GIS data is to be considered a generalized representation which is subject to revisions. The feature boundaries are not to be used to establish legal boundaries. For specific information, contact the appropriate county department or agency. This information is provided as a visual representation only and is not intended to be used as a legal or official representation of legal boundaries.
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